Crissy O Show

Crissy O Show

Crissy O Show

Crissy O is a professional audio engineer, vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and vocal narration artist from NC. She specializes in commercials, audio books, radio, podcasting, interviews and public speaking. She is also a special needs and special populations instructor for kids, teens and adults. Please see the other consultative work detail below.

Consulting Services for Consultation

Additional Services: 

Grant writing services for local, state and federal grants (Staff writer for consultations)

Business Set up for small start ups (Consultations and Contract)

Digital Marketing and Web design (Consultation & Contract)

Speaking Engagements (Special Needs, Music, Spiritual, Personal Journeys)

Special Needs Tutoring Services (Kids, Teens & Adults) 

Video Editing Services

Audio book narration 

Voice overs

Commercial Creation with voice overs

Podcasting with interview lead

Radio & Television interview

Vocal Coaching 







For Hiring Services per project or contract please contact:


Contact #: 919-631-5980



Resume' by request only

Samples of Work

Public Speaking & Instruction

Public Speaking & Instruction